Rangoli design collection for dots

Simple Dots Rangoli Design:

Simple Rangoli design is more warm and welcoming. Uniqueness is never out of style. Here is the first collection of dot Rangoli designs that display this. When you see it on the phone, it appears very rectangular, but I can already see them looking so beautiful on a wider scale or as a collection of these new Rangoli designs drawn together and to frame the gateway to your homes this Diwali.

hexagon rangoli

simple flower rangoli

Therefore, Simple Rangoli design with dots is the finest style to draw. In this case, a circle is drawn in the middle, and other complex patterns are drawn around it. This is without a question one of the most beautiful festival Rangoli designs are often used on occasions.

star rangoli with flower

designer rangoli

flower dots rangoli design

Beautiful Rangoli design can be created and coloured by anyone. Geometrical shapes are simple to create and help to keep viruses and bacteria out of the building.

diya dots rangoli design

layered dots rangoli design

hexagon dots rangoli design

Colourful Dots Rangoli Design:

Though we’ve explored the first five, let’s turn our attention to the joy of using colours. These designs easily qualify and would look wonderful in your prayer room or even on your balcony with diyaas during Diwali. Begin by drawing a design concept or a simple outline with dots, then connect them. So, The points in these patterns can be seen if you look closely. Which allows them to lead you.

coloured dots rangoli design

colourful dots rangoli design

 dots rangoli design for home

The pattern of small Rangoli design with dots is most used in Pongal and other festivals. The design is packed with beautiful colours that help to create the overall design

colourful rangoli design with dots

dark coloured rangoli design with dots

flower colour rangoli design

The Rangoli also has a lovely sided pattern that adds to its authenticity. Its classic look of Kalash and lotus makes it unique and displays Indian culture. Its religious purpose is to bring happiness and good luck to the home.

dots rangoli design for beginner

Dot Rangoli Designs using Flowers and Peacock:

There are some Rangoli designs with simple and easy patterns, which are much more like organza patterns that you can draw, arrange on top of papers on the platform or area you need all these patterns to be, and you’re executed!

flower rangoli design with dot

detailed flower rangoli design

stylish flower rangoli design

curved flower rangoli design

This peacock-shaped Rangoli style is embellished with lovely floral designs. Dots are added in between and around the floral designs. Another unique pattern appears to be directing the entire design in the middle.

best flower rangoli design with dots

colourful dots rangoli design with dots

beautiful flower rangoli design with dots

easy flower rangoli design with dots

Dots are put on the floor, and the design is started from the centre, as shown in the image. The formations are in the shape of leaves, simple flower drawing and most are mainly made of dot ties in bright and also in colours.

peacock flower rangoli design

simple flower art rangoli design

squared rangoli design with flower

simple peacock rangoli design

Symmetrical Dots Rangoli Design:

The dots and grid technique is used as a structure for drawing straight lines that are then connected to complete the pattern. The framework and outlook of this pattern are elegant. Simple Rangoli design pattern does not take a lot of time and attention.symmetrical rangoli

colourful detailed rangoli style

simple symmetrical rangoli pattern

The Rangoli design, like many other dots, is symmetrical. This is suitable for those with significant knowledge in the method who really want to explore other options.

symmetrical star pattern of rangoli

hexagon symmetrical rangoli

symmetrical flower rangoli art

Dots Rangoli design is a little separate from the rest, with symmetrical and straightforward designs. This design is also symmetrical, but it is more likely to align with cheerful Rangoli designs.

easy symmetrical design

squared symmetrical rangoli

Star Rangoli Design With Dots:

This form and style are both seasonal and lovely. Easy Rangoli design with dots is created in the shape of a star and is adorned with bright and evergreen colours such as green and blue. The star Rangoli design is also the consequence of indefinitely curved patterns, which give it a stronger structure. This design generally requires continuous attention and physical effort, hence why it is not suggested for beginners. star dots rangoli design

star flower rangoli pattern

circle star dots rangoli style

It is a fantastic combination of colours and square shaped designs with dots. It seems messy, elegant, and brings a pleasing finished look to your yard. Star Rangoli design with dots is a very typical feature in Gujarat and other villages in India, where women of the house make it on their walls to suggest the existence of stars and other objects in-universe.

easy star rangoli design

star leaf rangoli patten

star square rangoli designs

Learners can accomplish this design in a single attempt because dots at different ends are joined to form this easy design with only lines.

flower boarder star rangoli

colourful star rangoli style

multi star rangoli pattern

Square Shape Dots Rangoli Design:

Latest Rangoli design is in the shape of a square, which is a traditional Kolam style. It’s a perennial pattern that is easily shaped using the dot style, and the design has a white outlining that adds a great touch to the overall look. There are collections of some beautiful, and colourful simple Rangoli design images for 2021.

square shape rangoli

square colour rangoli style

square floor rangoli style

To fill the designs inside the layout, all of the latest season’s colours are used. Colours such as dark blue, white, orange, purple, and grey, and some others, must be used to give it a luxurious appearance. The square shape pattern is a beginner’s format in which the dots are set in a square style and associated with vertical lines. This easy Rangoli design is suitable for any occasion.

detailed square lotus rangoli

square rangoli with swastik

flower square rangoli style

 square dots rangoli pattern



Modern Full Hand Mehndi Design Images For 2021

Mehndi simply refers to the traditional practices of applying Henna to the hands or legs. These mehndi designs are more widespread, where girls beautify themselves especially for weddings, special occasions such as birthdays, or ceremonies. Even getting full hand mehndi design is very easy; the most of the hard work goes into creating and designing that match your feet and hands. Mehndi Design offers a variety of painting options, such as darkness, gold, crystals, glitter, that’s just the starting.

The introduction of mehndi is a significant part of the women’s cleanliness weddings. In India, Mehndi designs are often known as Henna designs, and future women or brides are luxuriously decorated with henna on their hands, wrists, and feet.

Just before the wedding, a Mehndi evening is organized, which is already an event celebrated throughout a lot of excitement, entertainment, joy, and so on. The elegant design, decent variety, and rawness of Mehndi pieces of artwork are so amazing that the tradition of Mehndi glamour is not specific to India, but popular all over the world. 

Simple Full Hand Mehndi Design:

Many of us are looking for simple full hand mehndi designs. If you are a stylish bride that does not want to waste precious time keeping her mehndi covered, this collection is for you! Someone who seeks to show their mehndi to their hands there are also some great style tips for those who really want a touch of mehndi on their hands! Simple full hand mehndi design is both popular and exciting. With such a simple mehndi Design, ensure to just use a similar colour eye shadow.

full hand mehndi design

simple full hand mehndi design

bridal full hand mehndi design

Easy full hand mehndi design is a very popular and liked pattern of latest henna design. A beautiful full hand mehndi design is created by protecting both hands from the finger nail to the ankle and both sides of the hands. This design is generally composed of pretty patterns and curves that make it incredibly attractive. Small flowers, leaves, peacock images, and linings are traditional pieces. This Mehndi will look fabulous and beautifully decorated with stylish outfits.

simple dark full hand mehndi designnice full hand mehndi front and back side mehndi designstylish full hand mehndi design

Floral Full Hand Mehndi Design:

Floral Mehndi designs often touched the hearts of thousands of women. Flower simple bridal mehndi designs are being used to decorate hands of brides by traditional mehndi specialists. The style we chose is perfect for a wedding. Everybody can modify this style and even individualise it to their nature. 

floral mehndi

flower full hand mehndijaali mehndi with flower  curved flower full hand mehndi parallel flower pattern mehndi

As with full hand mehndi, the charm of floral mehndi design exists inside its shapes and colour variations. The floral mehndi designs make the hands look very attractive and one as a marriage or some other celebration.

beautiful floral full hand mehndi

full hand flower mehndi

simple flowers full hand mehndi

flower boarder mehndi

traditional full hand mehndi

Festive Full Hand Mehndi Design:

You must take every opportunity to get Mehndi on your side, even if it’s Diwali, New Year and other festivals. New mehndi design will look wonderful with designer clothing in any festival in India. Be ready to decorate your hands and dress up a number of rings on your fingers. 

festive full hand mehndi

festive flower full hand mehndi

classic full hand mehndi

couple festive full hand mehndifestive simple full hand mehndi

With all of the festivities going on, I like to share some modern full hand mehndi designs with all of you ladies out there. Because ladies look at every doable way of improving itself.

festive easy full hand mehndidecorated full hand mehndidetailed art full hand mehndi geographic full hand mehndi

amazing full hand mehndiwedding full hand mehndiawesome full hand mehndi lovely festive full hand mehndired fort full hand mehndi beautiful festive full hand mehndi

Rajasthani Full Hand Mehndi Design:

Rajasthan is well for most of the world for its rich culture, especially in the area of design. Rajasthani full hand mehndi designs are beautiful and rich in heritage references and traditional designs. 

rajasthani full hand mehndisimple rajasthani full hand mehndi

folk full hand mehndi full hand mehndi for bride

Animals, birds are icons used in many easy full hand mehndi designs shaped by Rajasthani culture. That’ll be a fantastic opportunity for your marriage or Mehndi ceremony. 

new rajasthani full hand mehndibeautiful rajasthani full hand mehndi

new bridal full hand mehndigreat art of full hand mehndi

circular full hand mehndieasy full hand mehndi for girls

Peacock Full Hand Mehndi Design:

You can like to draw those all the way to your wrist or higher to make it somewhat more elegant. Therefore, we would suggest although this design is incredibly flexible. It can be matched with around any easy and beautiful mehndi design to make a special attractive style.

peacock full hand mehndi

stylish peacock full hand mehndi

beautiful peacock full hand mehndi